Op Tracker: A Simple Solution Any Forester Can Use

My name is Matthieu Rumeau. Welcome to another episode of Lim Geomatics Did You Know.

Did you knowOp Tracker features a web and mobile application that is modern and not complicated to use? With Op Tracker, operators do not need to guess where the information is in the app, as they can access everything with just a few clicks.

Op Tracker features a map-centric mobile application that is simple to use and designed for the field. The simple big buttons allow foresters to know all the information they need to adapt and get on board quickly.

In this video, I will show you in a few simple steps how Op Tracker can be an asset for foresters as they can easily access their key performance indicators. It can save them time and reduce costs!

From the main map screen on the application, operators can visualize their Key Performance Indicators at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on the left and right arrows allow them to navigate between various KPIs.

In two taps, all performance indicators can be seen in a single screen.

In conclusion, Op Tracker is a strategic tool for forestry companies and machine operators. It provides insights into their performance, and it helps companies increase productivity as operators can easily adapt and get on board.

Want to learn more about Op Tracker? Please, visit our website: www.limgeomatics.com.

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