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Easy point cloud data processing in ArcGIS

Process unlimited point cloud data derived from LiDAR or photogrammetry to produce enhanced forest inventories in a familiar GIS environment with the use of LTK™, a powerful toolbar for ArcGIS Desktop.


Wherever you go, your forest goes too

As a web-based forest inventory management system, AFRIDS™ uses the power of LiDAR based forest inventories to help forest managers plan and execute your harvesting schedules with highly accurate estimates of volume, diameter, and species.

Op Tracker™

Smart tracking for your forestry operations

Get real-time updates to identify productivity and efficiency of your harvesting equipment with Op Tracker™. Forest managers will no longer need to estimate where the equipment has been or how productive they were – the app does this for you.

Op Tracker™ for Transport

Monitor your fleet’s productivity

Using the power of big data analytics and ESRI’s ArcGIS Enterprise services, Op Tracker™ for Transport is a fleet management solution that goes beyond tracking, alerting, and reporting. This app gives you the tools to assess the performance of your fleet, routes, destinations, and roads.


Geospatially Enabling Businesses

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Founded in 2006, Lim Geomatics is an industry-leading and award-winning GIS software development company. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, we specialize in building GIS web and mobile apps powered by the ArcGIS mapping platform.

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