Did You Know Stratus Allows You to Control What Your Users Can See and Do?

Did you know that you can configure user permissions directly in the Stratus web application? Well, that is because Stratus has a tool that allows users to create a focused workspace depending on their roles, to keep users focused on their responsibilities at hand, and keep things simple.

Today, I'm going to show you three cool things about user permission configuration.

1: Restrict by Modules:

Check out how turning off visibility for certain modules such as the Spatial Edit Studio behaves in the system. Just easy toggle on and off buttons.

So, I'll show you here that we can see the Spatial Edit Studio and Inventory Management modules on the panel on the left, and we can see that we have the ability to update the status for this specific activity.

2: Manage User Permissions:

Now, let's turn off these permissions. I will hide Spatial Edit Studio, we're going to hide the inventory management module and remove the ability to update the status of activities, and we're going to refresh the browser for the permission configurations to take effect. You can now see that the Inventory Management and Spatial Studio modules are no longer available in the panel on the left. We can also see that the Update Status button is no longer available.

3: Manage Permissions By Roles:

Look how you can control user permissions based on user roles and responsibilities. For example, a forest planner may need the ability to access the Operational Planning module, create scenarios, and send scenarios for approval. Whereas a district manager may need the ability to approve or reject scenarios, and archive scenarios for later use.

Do you want to learn more about Stratus? Please visit our website: www.limgeomatics.com

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