Op Tracker Alarms for Streams Helps to Avoid Wet Areas

My name is Matthieu Rumeau. Welcome to another episode of Lim Geomatics Did You Know.

Did you know Op Tracker features custom proximity warnings in GIS layers to help improve the safety of operators in the field and better protect the environment? Op Tracker alerts operators when near streams or wet areas. This tool can help operators prevent their machines from getting stuck, and protect the richest ecosystems for biodiversity, as it shows the operators where not to go.

In a few simple steps, I will show you how easy it is to use Op Tracker and receive alerts when a machine is near to crossing the boundaries.

As the operator works in the field, they can display warning and alarm areas on the map. The alarms can be set for the boundaries of the block but also around GIS features like streams.

Crossing boundaries will set the alarm off and give the operator a visual and sound signal.

The operator can then drive away from the area protected by the alarm. A warning level also exists, indicating to the operator the proximity of a forbidden area.

Op Tracker makes the work of operators easier by giving them warnings about the environment and more awareness of what is happening in the field.

Do you want to learn more about Op Tracker? Please, visit: http://www.limgeomatics.com.

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