The Story of Op Tracker Part II: From the Napkin Sketch to Op Tracker BOX+

Did you know the idea of Op Tracker started with a conversation between our CEO, Dr. Kevin Lim, and bunch of foresters in a bar in northern Ontario? That day, he sketched the prototype of Op Tracker on a napkin, and within one month, the first version was ready.  

Op Tracker: a story of innovation sketched on a napkin | Lim Geomatics 

Since we first developed it, Op Tracker has come a long way. What began as a simple prototype is now a telematics solution with both web and mobile versions. It core features include: boundary alarms, two-way synchronization, tracking and navigation tools, and Geo Notes, with the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency of field operations.  

Lim Geomatics is constantly enhancing Op Tracker by adding new functionalities. Over time, we improved the analytics and reporting functionalities on the web application. Recently, we launched Op Tracker BOX+, integrating Op Tracker with FPDat II, which allows foresters to access additional reports on working time, engine on time, idle time, and utilization of each machine on the field.  

Case Study: The Benefits of Op Tracker BOX+ for Tolko Industries | Lim Geomatics 

Watch this video to learn more about the story of Op Tracker: 

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