Case Study: The Benefits of Op Tracker BOX+ for Tolko Industries

Lim Geomatics is announcing its first case study of the new Op Tracker BOX+ solution. In this video, our CEO Dr. Kevin Lim interviews Michael Morgan, the Woodlands Operations Supervisor from Tolko Industries, who explains the business problems Tolko Industries has been able to solve with the adoption of Op Tracker BOX+.  


Op Tracker BOX+ is an integration of Op Tracker with FPDat II that allows foresters to have access to more reporting functionalities concerning the utilization of each machine on the field. The adoption of this geospatial platform is helping Tolko Industries address and solve several business problems. Most notably, Op Tracker BOX+ has assisted Tolko Industries in reducing costs, facilitating ribbonless harvest, and increasing operational efficiency.

How Op Tracker drives value for a Canadian forestry company

In this video, Michael Morgan talks about their journey from first adopting the solution, to the challenges they were able to overcome, and finally to the benefits that Tolko Industries is experiencing so far with Op Tracker BOX+. For them, it is now easy to monitor their machinery efficiency and to access data and reports about the equipment lifecycle. Consequently, they’ve been able to reduce operational costs.


Watch the video interview to learn more about Op Tracker BOX+:

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