Did You Know Stratus Allows You to View Your Spatial and Tabular Data at the Same Time?

Did you know that Stratus allows you to visualize your spatial and tabular data at the same time? That is because Stratus allows you to have a map always available on your screen. It helps foresters to visualize where their stands are and see the progress of their forestry team in the field.

In this video, I will show you four cool things you can do with the Stratus’ map on your screen.

#1 - Map Always On:

By always having a map present, forestry companies can see all their activities at a glance. No matter which module is open in Stratus, the interactive map is always ready to use.

#2 – Map in Two Screens:

By pressing the pop-up button on the map you find in any of the modules, the map will open in a separate window. This allows users to move their maps to another screen or simply get a better look at their data

#3 – Configure Your Tabular Data:

By selecting the desired stand in the tabular data and pressing the zoom to button, the map view dynamically zooms to the correct stand. We can now perform spatial edits within the map view using the split tool.
Once satisfied with the split to be performed, we can confirm our changes, and the newly created stand will appear in the table below.

#4 – Edit Geometry:

Feature geometry can be easily edited within the map view. Selecting the split tool and following the steps prompted modifies the existing feature. This modified parent feature appears as yellow on the map, while the newly created child feature appears as green. These changes are immediately reflected within the table view, keeping the same color schema, creating visual continuity between the map and table views.

Do you want to learn more about Stratus? If so, please visit our website: www.limgeomatics.com.

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