How Stratus Modernizes Forestry Operations

Welcome to another Stratus Did You Know episode.  

Stratus is an easy-to-use and modern forest management and data analytics platform that enables forestry companies to undergo digital transformation.

Stratus has modules that provide users a focused workspace depending on their role and the job they are doing.  

Because Lim Geomatics is an Esri business partner, Stratus is the only web-based forest management system that is truly built on the ArcGIS System.  

As a result, it uses authoritative data sources called feature services that allow Stratus to have seamless integration between the modules and workflows, as well as integration between other solutions in the Forestry Geospatial Platform and out of the box Esri products such as ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Collector, and ArcGIS Desktop.

The data that you see in Stratus is accessible through that authoritative data source, and as a result can be accessed through the aforementioned products.

The power of Stratus is that it provides one application to create, edit, and review the data and analytics in activity overview reports and business level summaries as it  moves through the operational pipeline.

With just a few clicks you can view productivity, volume, cost, and revenue summaries. Because Stratus is modern and built on world-leading GIS technology, you can leverage existing GIS assets and business processes from your roads and streams data to imagery and canopy height models, all in one place while planning and monitoring forest operations in Stratus.

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