Stratus is Flexible and Suitable for Many Different Regions

Did you know that Stratus is a tool which supports forestry companies in managing their operational units, plans, harvests, and silviculture activities?

In this video, Nick Gralewicz, the Director of Products and UX at Lim Geomatics explains how Stratus’ user experience and workflows are tailored to help companies seamlessly manage the different regions in their forestry.

Stratus: An Easy to Use and Modern Application

In daily operations, Stratus allows users to:

  • Define region-specific rates.
  • Estimate costs that will be accurate to a region.
  • Assign regions to contractors.
  • Create region activity specific regimes based on management needs.
  • Plan site preparation activities 6 months before a clearcut.  

Watch this video to learn more about Stratus.

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