Did You Know Stratus Lets You Compare Estimates vs. Actuals?

Did you know that Stratus lets you compare estimates versus actuals? As in any other business, forest managers need to be able to measure and compare the actual performance of the operations with the performance estimated.

In Stratus, forest managers can compare variances based on their needs. For example, it is possible to measure and compare different performances using criteria such as date, cost, or volume.

In this video, I will show three comparisons you can do in Stratus.

  1. Compare volume:

In this module, we will see the estimated volume versus the actual volume. For that, we will set a spatial filter. Then, we will select the actual volume greater than 500 cubic meters, apply filter, and we will see in the summary part that the actual volume of harvest is greater than the estimated one.

  1. Compare cost:

You can also compare the estimated revenue of an operation to the actual revenue. For that we will set the filter again, select "activity type". For this one, I will select "clearcut", add, and apply filter. We observe that the submitted cost is greater than the actual cost.

  1. Compare dates:

Finally, you can monitor the activity start and end date to compare it with the original plan. Here, we can see the project's start and end dates. Now let's see with the activity filter by selecting the activity type. I will choose, for example, site preparation and apply filter. We will be able to see the actual start and end date for that particular activity.

To conclude, Stratus provides the tools that forest managers need to compare variances based on a different set of criteria, measure performance against plans, and to better manage the operations.

Do you want to learn more about Stratus? Please, visit: www.limgeomatics.com

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