Create Your Own Smart Machine With Op Tracker

My name is Julia Gellert. Welcome to another episode of Lim Geomatics Did You Know.

Did you know Op Tracker can make forestry machines communicate with each other? Regardless of the brand or type of equipment you are using, Op Tracker can turn your piece of equipment into a smarter and more interactive machine.

Op Tracker allows you to collect different tracking data in the same platform from any machine in your fleet. That’s because Op Tracker has different tracking methods that are highly configurable and easy to use.

In today’s video, I will show you in a few simple steps how easy it is to collect different tracking data with Op Tracker and create your own smart machine.

Once logged into your tablet, go to the settings screen and scroll down to the tracking settings section. Here you can adjust your tracking intervals, the max. distance between points, and the boom length or swath to suit what ever equipment you are running.

Adjusting these three settings allows you to customize Op Tracker to your specific machine, so you can collect more points in less time, less points over a longer period of time, and adjust your boom length, depending on what you are doing or driving each day.

If you have already harvested your block and forgot to change the swath length of your boom, don’t worry these changes can be made in Op Tracker web application.

To recalculate blocks, simply find the block you are looking for in the track control panel. Once selected, click the recalculate button for the recalculate pop out.

In this example, the swath is set to 27 feet, but we are cutting with the boom length of 17 feet. At the bottom of the block selected, hit recalculate. In the pop out screen, change the machine swath to 17 feet, then hit the run button to recalculate.

Now that you have recalculated your machine swath, your block will now have accurate harvest data.

Op Tracker helps contractors to customize their equipment, giving them all the information they need to harvest blocks efficiently while not having to backtrack to correct information.

Do you want to learn more about Op Tracker? Please, visit:

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