Share a Weblink for an Activity with Your Coworkers in Stratus

Did you know that Stratus allows you to share with your co-workers a weblink for an activity that you created? This tool helps your team to speed up the approval process with their managers and share the information fast and securely between peers.

In today's video, I will show you three examples of activities that can be shared via weblink in Stratus.

  1. Share a New Activity

In this first example, the forest planner created an activity in Stratus and they need to share it with the harvest supervisor. I will select the activity, for this case, I will choose site preparation, click on "Edit", add the name of the contractor, and "Save".   

  1. Share a Scheduled Activity

The next thing I will do is copy the activity and this link will be ready to be shared.

In the second example, the harvesting supervisor needs to share the scheduled  activity with the forest manager to approve the contractor assignment. Again, you will edit the activity, scroll down to the actual start, include the dates, save, and click on the link to share.

  1. Share a Completed Activity

Finally, the activity was completed and the harvest supervisor needs to update its status and share it with the GIS analyst, so they can modify the activity boundary based on in-field recon. 

I will click on "Update Status", set it to complete, click on update, then I will copy the link and share it with the GIS analyst.

To conclude, Stratus allows you to share the activities you created with your internal team in any channel your company uses.  

Do you want to learn more about Stratus? Please, visit our website:

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