How to Reuse and Scale Your Forestry Data in Stratus

Hi, Nick here from Lim Geomatics for another Did You Know Video.

Did you know that you can reuse and scale your existing forestry data in Stratus?

There are multiple ways we can help you do this, such as using your existing ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS online services.

Let’s talk about adding your data into Stratus.

You can easily import your own data into Stratus right from the web browser. This allows you to easily set up, scale, and self-manage your data right when you need to. This could be adding recently acquired stands, updated road data, or even things that are not map based, like new inventory and cruise summaries.

This means that you are in control of your own data. You have one authoritative data source, and everyone is using the same updated information. No need to manage multiple shapefiles or geodatabases, and no need to ask for help, as you can do it yourself within seconds.

Not only is this new data available for everyone in Stratus, you can use Stratus services elsewhere in your business – bringing them into the ArcGIS Pro, Field Maps, Survey 123, or other business intelligence dashboards.

By using Stratus, you can easily scale as your company grows. Reusing your own data in Stratus, leveraging that Stratus data elsewhere, and keeping all your users up to date.

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