Planning for the Future with Stratus

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Lim Geomatics “Did you know?” 

Did you know Stratus is web-based forest management platform that allows foresters to evaluate different scenarios? 

In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to use Stratus to modify and compare two different scenarios. 

We can create and compare plans that maximize revenue, minimize cost, prioritize harvesting a certain type of inventory product, or even protect ecological regions. 

Suppose our goal is to harvest in the coming season but we also want to minimize our costs. The scenario overview shows us information including estimated cost and volume. 

This overview is a roll-up of all the activities in the current scenario. Now, we’ll edit an activity, to show how even the smallest change will affect the overview. 

Here I will change the cost of the activity. Now you can see the Estimated Total Cost in the overview has changed, showing that your plan is less expensive than before. 

But what if we aren’t confident about the inventory and products that are currently in a stand? Before approving a new Timber Cruise, we want to see how it will affect the cost. In Stratus, we can do this without modifying our currently planned scenario. 

I’ll open a new scenario that has been cloned from our original. 

You can see that the Overview statistics are the same as the original scenario. If you edit the current scenario, it will not affect the original, allowing you to compare them and plan for different possibilities. 

I’ll now add a Timber Cruise activity with an estimated cost to the scenario. 

Now, in the Overview, the scenario’s Estimated Total Cost has increased showing you how this scenario is different from our original. 

By using scenarios in Stratus, you can compare different possibilities in your operations planning, giving you an easy way to plan for different objectives or events. In today’s example, we compared how an additional Timber Cruise impacted our total cost, but this is just the beginning. 

Want to learn more about Stratus? Visit our website: 

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