No More Paper Maps! Customize and Save Time with Op Tracker

Did you know that Op Tracker increases efficiency by reducing the time foresters spend going back and forth from the office to the field to update maps? Op Tracker also gives machine operators the information they need to make decisions in the forest to do their job efficiently. For example, let's say a contractor needs to target trees with a diameter larger than 15 DBH. They can see this on their map by loading a canopy height model Tile Package, allowing them to make decisions from the forest that they know will meet mill requirements.

In today's video, I'm going to show you the value of the Tile Package feature in Op Tracker for forest managers and machine operators. This feature allows forestry companies to customize their operations, enabling foresters to easily manage their contractors' tasks. For machine operators, it improves their efficiency. They do not need to use paper maps to know what area they should be targeting. They can simply rely on Op Tracker and have all the mapping information at their fingertips. No need to second guess their decisions.

It's only a few simple steps to configure your Tile Package. Let me show you how.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your Tile Packages are already prepared. You're going to open iTunes, select your device. Next, you're going to drag the Tile Package into the Op Tracker mobile application on the tablet into the document section. Click sync to copy the Tile Package to your device. The associate Tile Packages will now be available when the block is opened in your Op Tracker mobile application in your tablet.

If you have already left the office for the day and no longer have access to your computer, don't worry, you can still add Tile Packages right from your device. Op Tracker allows operators to sync information back to the office, even when there is no cell service or Wi-Fi. Being able to transfer maps and progress updates without having to travel to the office, drives up efficiency. It gives forestry companies an almost real-time awareness of what is happening in the field.

With Op Tracker, foresters back at the office can also use the information, sync back to them to start setting up the next phases of their projects - right down to logistical planning. Saving them time, fuel, and costs!

Do you want to learn more about Op Tracker? Well, if you do, visit us at

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