Monitor Your Machine Performance Every Week with Op Tracker

Did you know that every week foresters can access summaries of their machine's performance in Op Tracker?

Op Tracker features a web and mobile application that allows foresters and forest managers to make data-driven decisions and improve the productivity in the field.

With these summaries, contractors can quickly view the information on their equipment and detect possible delays or technical issues. For forest managers, the main benefit of having full visibility is for easier detection of any dysfunction in their operations. Saving them time and costs.

In today’s video, I will show you a few simple steps on how to view the summaries on the main page of the Op Tracker web application.

The first step we are going to do is filter down a list of machines into those we are interrogating. We will start with an attribute filter on the utilization to only see machines with less than 50% utilization. We will also include an attribute filter that ensures parked machines with utilization of zero are not included in the results.

So, review this again to make sure it is correct and then apply the filter.

We can see here that there is very few low utilized machines, so we can start interrogating them. Here, we will zoom to that machine, and we can change the imagery to get better insight in what is happening. As we can see, they are mostly parked for maintenance and that is why our utilization is so low.

In conclusion, with Op Tracker you can easily access these insights without generating complex reports.

Do you want to learn more about Op Tracker? Please visit:

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