Did You Know You Can Find Tortoise Burrows Before Loading a Map in Op Tracker?

Did you know that even before loading a map in Op Tracker web application or TAB and start tracking, forest operators can see tortoise borrows, bird nests, or other sensitive areas? In today's video, I'll show you how this functionality can help forestry companies as it places a buffer around these areas to help operators see on the map areas they should not be cutting.

In the first part, we will be looking at Op Tracker web application, where we will be able to see our ancillary layers. We will go to layer control and scroll down to see the operational unit in which we have our harvesting area. When we turn on the ecological points layer we will be able to see the areas that foresters should not be touching, as these areas are habitats of endangered species.

In the second part, I would like to show you how turning the identify button would let you see the information table of a feature. For example, let's look at Gopher Tortoise Burrow. Now, we are able to see the animal type, buffer distance, and also the protection status, which in this case is high as these areas are homes for endangered species.

In the final part, we will be looking at Op Tracker TAB, the mobile application, in which we will be able to see the buffers around the areas that should be protected. To do so, we should first load our block to see the harvest unit on the map.

When opened, you will be able to see the main menu. Under that, we will click on layers to see the layer control where you can toggle on and off the alarm and warning areas, so that the operators could be alerted whenever they are close to the boundaries.

To conclude, Op Tracker is a strategic tool that can help operators to avoid harvesting habitats of endangered species that should be protected.

Do you want to learn more about Op Tracker? Please visit our website: www.limgeomatics.com

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