Fast Onboarding with Stratus. Get Operational in a Few Months!

Hi, my name is Alexander Ryerson, and I would like to welcome you to another episode of Lim Geomatics Did You Know video series.

Did you know that a new Stratus customer on-boarding project takes months instead of years? That is because Stratus is built directly on the ArcGIS System and has in-app configuration. Not to mention, when you need something changed as simple as terminology, fields in a table, or even your summaries, you do not need to pay us thousands of dollars because we give you the tools to do it yourself directly in the web application.

The in-app configuration tools keep the on-boarding project duration short, so you can realize value of your management system sooner. And it also keeps the on going support and maintenance costs to a minimum, if not at zero.

In today's video, I'm going to show you how Stratus empowers its users to be in control of their own forest management system. Let's take the operational planning interface. We are going to look at some of the terms, like stands, activities. We have the summary with the activity distribution graph. Timber cruise, that is the activity we are going to focus on in this video. And even in your table, you can adjust these names, your sort order, even the order these fields are displayed in the table. So, let's hop into settings, take a look at all these things you can configure. We're going to focus on terminology for this video.

Maybe you want to call stand blocks. Maybe you want to call activities, treatments, or maybe projects. You can configure user permissions, so you can only allow certain users to configure these things in the Stratus settings. So, these are our activity types. You can configure the types. You can also configure the display fields per type. So, remember the timber cruise that we saw in the operational planning module. And now we come in here, we have blocks, treatments, treatment distribution graph, our inventory assessment. We have our block ID. And even here, inventory assessment activity has been configured. Just easy as that.

So, I'd like to thank you for joining us for another Stratus Did You Know video episode. Please, visit our website to learn more:

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