Stratus: A Fast and Easy to Use Solution for Forestry Operations

Hey, Nick here from Lim Geomatics for another Did You Know Video.

Did you know that you that Stratus is a fast and easy to use solution for managing your forestry assets, activities, and landbase?  

Stratus is purpose built to help foresters. It is much easier to use than a complex spreadsheet and much faster than old legacy software.

We designed Stratus to help foresters do their work more efficiently with an easy to use interface, simple and yet powerful tools.

You access Stratus through your web browser, meaning you can work from anywhere and it is fast.

With more people working from home or the field, and an upcoming generation of foresters who expect high performance software. Stratus can help your business and people thrive in the future.

Do you want to learn more about Stratus? Visit our website:

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