Contractors Only See the Data You Want Them to See in the Op Tracker Web Application

Did you know that in the Op Tracker TAB web application, contractors can only see the data that you want them to see? As a manager, you can create activity groups directly in the web application, which allows you to quickly assign a group of activities to a contractor. This helps them to focus specifically on their tasks without the noise of all the other data meant for other contractors. In today's video, I'll show you three cool functionalities in the Op Tracker TAB web application that can help forest managers control what their contractors can view.

Let's say you are a forest manager and you want Contractor A, let's call him John, to see only the list of blocks assigned to him. Because the Op Tracker TAB web application is built on the ArcGIS System, you can easily configure what your contractors can view with a few clicks. Here, I am using John's view, which means these blocks are only assigned to John. But you are also employing Mary as your Contractor B. As a forest manager, you want to set up your contractors' list of blocks to make it more efficient for them so they can focus on their operations rather than sifting through hundreds of blocks. As you can see, this also helps maintain privacy between contractors. Here, I am showing Mary's view, where Mary is only seeing her blocks.

As a manager, you have access to all information, while Mary and John focus only on their own blocks and activities. This allows you to have a one-stop shop overview of the entire operations for all contractors in one place. Here, I am showing the manager's view where he has access to all information, including John's, Mary's, and other contractors' block. To conclude, Op Tracker helps forest managers allocate activities to specific contractors with only a few clicks, which allows contractors to focus only on their activities. Do you want to learn more about Op Tracker? Please visit our website at

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