Auto-Sync and Upload Your Op Tracker TAB Data at the End of Your Shift

Did you know that you can auto-sync and upload your GIS data at the end of your shift when using Op Tracker TAB? When using Op Tracker TAB, you don't have to worry about syncing your GIS data after harvesting a block.

If you finished your day and did not sync the data, no matter if you are at a cafe, at home, or at the office, Op Tracker will auto-sync when back online. This is equally important for operators and forestry companies because they don't have to wait until the next day to see the information up to date.

In this video, I will show you in three steps how easy it is to sync your data when using Op Tracker TAB.

Before starting a new shift, operators can open Op Tracker TAB settings and easily set the time they want to auto-sync. Let's say they work five hours shift, but they know they will be back online after six hours at home, at a cafe, or even at the office.

The operators can select a noticing interval of six hours, make sure that you select only 'Sync Blocks' with the new data, so you do not burn your data plan.

Let's say you are harvesting a block and encounter an area of concern that is important to report to the office. For example, an owl nest. You can add a note in Op Tracker and they will have this information once you are back online. You can create a new Geo Note, note type 'Nest', add the point on the map, add a comment to the Geo Note, and Save.

You have now finished your shift, your block in Op Tracker needs to be synchronized with the server. As soon as your device detects the network, Op Tracker synchronizes automatically.

There you are, your block is now synchronized and your data is ready to be shared with people at the office and other operators in the field.

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