Activities in Stratus Are Super Configurable

Did you know that activities in Stratus are super configurable? In this video,  I will show you that with Stratus you are not restricted to what we define as activities. You  can configure all your activity types and status to respect your workflows and business needs.

  1. Configure Activity Types

In this first part, I will show you how you can configure all your activity types in Stratus. In this example, I will add a clearcut and configure it. First,  we need to click on the settings select activities 

and go with the types now we will add the activity  to find the activity name here we will type clear cut for the group we will go with the Harvest. You can choose any colour of  your choice, accept, and save it.

  1. Select the Activity of Your Choice

Now, I will show you how activity type specific Display Fields can also be configured.  

First, go to settings activity types and display fields. Select your choice of activity, here we will choose Timber Cruise. As you can see, you can shuffle the fields based on your business needs, change the order of your fields, and Save.

  1. Configure Activity Status

In this last part, I will show that by configuring the activity status you can meet your business  processes and workflows. For example, we select Volume Summary over here, and then we can filter the activity by specific contractors. Here, go to Filter then add an expression, select your contractor, and apply Filter. 

Now, let's filter It again by activity. We will select clearcut, apply the filter again, and  on the volume summary, you can see that the information by contractor got updated. 

Today, we showed that Stratus does not restrict you to what we define as activities. It allows you to rename activity types, monitor the status of your activities, and have all information you need to manage your operations.

Do you want to learn more about Stratus? Please, visit our website:

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