Stratus to Support BSFC in Achieving Sustainable Forestry Practices for Carbon Efficiency in a New Landbase

Stratus, the Forest Management and Inventory System (FMIS) developed by Lim Geomatics, will be strategic in the management of carbon development projects across 1.8 million acres. Lim Geomatics develops geospatial software that helps forestry companies be more efficient with their forest planning and management, and harvest operations.


Bluesource Sustainable Forests Company (BSFC) is the largest private forestland owner focused entirely on climate mitigation. At present, 1.8 million acres with a history of industrial timber extraction are now under management for long-term carbon sequestration, climate adaptation, and restoration of biodiversity. BSFC is a joint venture between Anew Climate, LLC and an equity investment consortium led by Oak Hill Advisors, L.P. For more information visit:


BSFC came to Lim Geomatics with challenges they were looking to solve with a FMIS. These challenges were:

• Increase efficiency with consolidation and standardization of our data.
• Meet our business needs with a user-configurable and modern interface.
• Scalable solution and pricing model to align with our business as we grow.
• Integrate with Esri apps.
• Remove the need for desktop software for managing forestry inventory and GIS data.

The acquisition of The Forestland Group, LLC. a well-known timberland investment management organization in the fall of 2022 has enabled BSFC to expand lands under their management to 1.8 million acres. With this expansion, BSFC is focused on climate impact, sequestering carbon, and ensuring the land is managed to optimize carbon stocks while considering other forest assets. BSFC, an industry leader, decided an advanced modern solution was critical to achieve their ecological sustainability goals.


Stratus is a Software as a Service, cloud-based, configurable, FMIS that addresses the challenges brought forward by BSFC.

BSFC adopted Stratus to consolidate and standardize their GIS, inventory, and activities so they could focus on sustainability rather than wrangling data and information. The team uses Stratus to consolidate the spatial and tabular data for the new landbase. Stratus also plays an important role for activity planning as it is hyper configurable and adapts to the type of management activities BSFC undertakes (e.g., carbon cruising, thinning, planting, lease management, etc.). The modern architecture and design of Stratus allows the system to scale with the size of their business while keeping their day-to-day workflows efficient with the map, table, and timeline all in one place.

Stratus has modules for focused workflows based on roles and responsibilities. This image shows the Inventory Management module where users can import, query, and analyze forest inventory metrics for carbon, fiber volume, stumpage rates, etc. in support of sustainable forest management.


Cakey Worthington

Cakey Worthington, VP Carbon Operations, Anew:

“I like the configurability and high-tech nature of the solution compared to competitor Forest Information Systems we’ve looked into. I also like Lim Geomatics’ pricing model, which I think works well for us as we plan to grow. The functioning with the Esri platform is also critical.”

Zach Pardue

Zach Pardue, Manager of Forest Information and Geospatial Systems, Anew:

“We have a unique challenge in monitoring our carbon inventories, quantifying the credits we generate, and ensuring we have robust knowledge of our potential timber inventory for effective decision-making. That is why it is important for us to rely on a cloud-based system that meets our specific needs and integrates well with our other internal solutions.”

Dr. Kevin Lim

Dr. Kevin Lim, President and CEO, Lim Geomatics:

“When BSFC approached Lim Geomatics, they had several challenges in their forest inventory management, including the need to standardize and consolidate data, and effectively manage assets across multiple regions with a focus on both carbon and timber. We are excited to address these challenges with Stratus, our cloud-based FMIS, which empowers ESG and forestry companies to make better business decisions.”

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