Lim Geomatics and Southern Forestry Consultants

Digital Forestry by Foresters

Decades of field experience under the canopy informs the next wave of Lim Geomatics innovation for the forestry industry.


Lim Geomatics and Southern Forestry Consultants (SFC), a U.S. company with over three decades of forestry management experience have embarked on an ambitious strategic partnership. The nature and depth of the partnership marks a first for both companies. SFC stewards 500,000 acres of forest across the southeastern U.S and integrates economic, recreation, wildlife management and environmental priorities into cohesive forest management systems.

Lim Geomatics will incorporate SFC’s subject matter expertise into the development of powerful new geospatial solutions. The cross-border partnership is an industry game changer. Together with SFC, we have the requisite experience to pioneer a new and integrated digital future for the forestry industry.

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