Geospatially Enabling Your Business 

Lim Geomatics Inc. is a consulting company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada that focuses on geospatially enabling businesses. Whether it be developing a custom mobile app powered by the ArcGIS platform, processing terabytes of LiDAR remotely sensed data for natural resources management, or designing and implementing data science tools for business analytics, the company’s focus has always been on unlocking the full potential of data to enable its clients to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Founded in 2006, Lim Geomatics has evolved to become one of the industry-leading geomatics companies in North America. Widely recognized as true innovators who take a “why can’t we do it” approach to all consulting engagements, the company leverages best practices in GIS, remote sensing, IT and user experience to design and implement geospatial products, systems and solutions that help companies transform into ones that are modern and competitive.

Sometimes clients just don’t know what they don’t know. Through the years, Lim Geomatics has become the trusted advisor for many small and large companies and organizations around the world. Since continuous improvement and learning are cornerstones at Lim Geomatics, the company invests heavily in the professional development of its staff. As a result, Lim Geomatics is always aware of current industry trends, multi-sector best practices, and emerging technologies, and is uniquely positioned to help its clients understand how these things will impact their businesses. Lim Geomatics is your partner in business and our clients’ success is our success.

Lim Geomatics is comprised of ten employees that settle for nothing less than our clients being happy. Whether this means the company completes your project ahead of schedule, supports you outside of business hours, helps you craft an executive briefing, our clients appreciate the agility and nimbleness of the Lim Geomatics team. You only need one look at our portfolio of clients who span over six countries and four continents to realize that when you work with Lim Geomatics, you always get the A team.

Unlock the WHERE in your data and geospatially enable your business today by giving us a call or email.

Founded in 2006, Lim Geomatics is an industry-leading and award-winning GIS software development company. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, we specialize in building GIS web and mobile apps powered by the ArcGIS mapping platform.

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