Elevate your data with LTK™

Analyze LiDAR and photogrammetric point-cloud data with easy-to-use GIS software. LTK™ translates billions of data points into elevation-based information products, such as canopy height models and spatially-explicit forest inventories —and all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Bring your point cloud data to the front lines of forest management with LTK™. The software streamlines and automates complex workflows so that anyone with GIS skills can generate an enhanced forest inventory (EFI). When Lim Geomatics EFI sampling and modelling protocols are followed, LTK™ can be used to predict volumes with a 95% accuracy when compared against scaled volumes.

Put decades of R&D to work by using LTK™:

  • Easy to use for anyone with GIS skills
  • Runs in the ArcGIS Desktop environment so no need for command prompts
  • Process an unlimited number of points on any computer
  • Join the world’s top researchers and jumpstart your EFI

LTK™ in action for a company like yours:

Lim Geomatics has processed 26 million hectares and counting of LiDAR data in support of enhanced forest inventory production worldwide.

Simple and Easy to Use

Create a DEM, DSM and CHM from your point data with half a dozen mouse clicks. No need to queue up multiple Python scripts and cross your fingers that everything works. Just tell LTK™ what you are trying to do, give it the input parameters and then let it do the heavy lifting. Why pay a vendor to produce these basic information products when you can do it at a fraction of the cost? If an area-based or individual tree inventory is your thing, let LTK™ generate all those hundreds of predictors that you need to build a model or feed them directly to R for a Random Forest analysis. LTK™ comes pre-canned with basic predictors, but you can easily define your own. It’s just that simple.

Runs in ArcGIS Desktop

No need to use a command prompt to type in data processing commands or muddle around in poorly designed interfaces. The LTK™ toolbar runs in the familiar ArcGIS Desktop environment so if you know how to use this industry-leading GIS, you’re good to go. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, LTK™ uses ArcGIS Desktop built-in capabilities such as LAS datasets and mosaic datasets for efficient data management. In fact, while working with LTK™, any of the available ArcGIS Desktop tools are at your fingertips. Leverage the best of the best in GIS technology with LTK™.

Process an Unlimited Number of Points

The sky’s the limit on the number of data points that LTK™ can process. You can process terabytes of point cloud data in hours instead of weeks because of the software’s smart data algorithms. LTK™ is so smart that it doesn’t matter if you are using an everyday laptop or a super computer. LTK™ gets the job done by leveraging parallel data processing with the computer resources that are available to you. All you have to worry about is whether or not you have enough data storage becauseLTK™ can crunch through any size of data, big or small.

Jumpstart Your EFI Using Proven Software

LTK™ has been used to process over 26 million ha of LiDAR data in support of enhanced forest inventory (EFI) around the world. Whether that is an EFI for the Boreal forest in Canada or a eucalyptus plantation in South Africa, LTK™ has seen it all and has passed all the tests time and time again. There’s a reason why the world’s leading researchers use this software: LTK™ empowers people to focus on the science and not get caught in the weeds of mundane data processing. Jumpstart your EFI with LTK™ and liberate your team to zero in on what matters most—running a successful business for today and tomorrow.

Built for ArcGIS and with foresters in mind

If you know how to use the ArcGIS Desktop, you know how to use LTK™. This ArcToolbox extension provides in-house GIS analysts with a familiar environment so they can create custom three-dimensional forest inventory metrics. You don’t need a PhD or know how to code to generate canopy height models, hillshade, volume predictions or individual tree statistics.

Powerful data processing and the latest technology

The sky’s the limit on the number of data points that LTK™ can process. Smart-data algorithms break large data sets into tasks that maximize the processing potential of your computer without compromising basic functionality. Plus, we have our finger on the pulse of new research related to remote-sensing and information technology. We regularly update LTK™ so you access the latest and greatest every time you switch on the program.

Better accuracy for custom forest inventories

Foresters rely on accurate tree-inventory data such as DBH, height, gross merchantable volume and basal area to make the right decisions about harvests. Forest inventory metrics calculated with LTK™ have much higher accuracy (up to 70%) than extrapolating the same information from sample plots. Each project can be customized for the target landbase by adjusting LTK™ calculations based on local biophysical properties and simulation plot area (e.g., 20 m X 20 m).

Precision sampling for precise forestry

Forest inventory sampling, commonly known as timber cruising, is the foundation for effective management plans. It’s a costly, time-consuming procedure with no immediate return on investment. LTK™ provides managers with the necessary forest inventory information to zero in on the sample-plot locations that will yield a more robust representation of the whole landbase. These field measurements can then validate the accuracy of the individual tree forest inventory metrics generated by LTK™.

Founded in 2006, Lim Geomatics is an industry-leading and award-winning GIS software development company. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, we specialize in building GIS web and mobile apps powered by the ArcGIS mapping platform.

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