Our Culture

Integrity and Ingenuity meet Innovation

Lim Geomatics is a tight-knit team of resourceful problem solvers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for a range of industries worldwide.

Working on the frontier of an array of rapidly developing technologies has fostered a strong team dynamic and culture of technical excellence. Great ideas are the universal currency at Lim Geomatics. The firm’s software developers, GIS analysts and business strategists pivot quickly to the right tactics and tools to get the job done. With offices in Calgary and Ottawa, the Lim Geomatics team is spread across Canada, but is united in a common mission and by a set of three core values.


Trust is foundational, both within the Lim Geomatics team and with clients. We build cool stuff that works. We build cool stuff that lasts. We are not about a quick fix. Lim Geomatics invests in people and will sacrifice short-term gain to cultivate the long-term relationship.


We are in the business of removing barriers to powerful new technologies. Great ideas, regardless of the source, rise to the top. Creativity, intelligence and intuitive design are the driving pistons of the Lim Geomatics’ innovation engine.


To invent is to create something new; to innovate is to improve on what already exists. Lim Geomatics delivers results efficiently. More often than not, it’s innovation, not invention, that provides the fastest route from A to B.

Founded in 2006, Lim Geomatics is an industry-leading GIS software development company. With offices in Calgary and Ottawa, Canada, we specialize in building web and mobile applications powered by the ArcGIS mapping platform.

Lim Geomatics is an Esri business partner: