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Lim Geomatics and Southern Forestry Consultants share new ideas and co-exhibit at the 2018 Society of American Foresters National Convention

Calgary, Alberta (September 25, 2018) – Lim Geomatics and Southern Forestry Consultants (SFC) have formed a strategic partnership to kickstart the digital transformation of the forestry industry. Three decades of forestry management experience in the southeastern U.S. meets the innovation engine of a top tier Canadian geomatics firm with an international portfolio.

SAF’s national convention will run from October 3 to 7 in Portland, Oregon, and the two firms will share booth 615 in the Expo Hall, which is open from the Wednesday to Friday. Stop by to meet innovators from Lim Geomatics and veteran foresters from SFC. Representatives from both companies will be on hand to share how they are laying the groundwork for a bold leap forward in how foresters access and apply geospatial technologies.

The annual convention draws scientists, government and industry leaders, academics and other forest management professionals from across North America. This year’s convention will explore how science and technology influence the government policies that oversee the conservation of forested landscapes.

Learn more about the 2018 SAF National Convention:

Previous Announcements

August 2, 2018 - Lim Geomatics founder and president, Dr. Kevin Lim, will deliver ForestTECH keynote this fall in New Zealand and Australia

Ottawa, Ontario (August 2, 2018) – Foresters from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa meet this November for the 2018 edition of ForestTECH. Dr. Kevin Lim, President and Chief Technology Officer of Lim Geomatics, will deliver the opening keynote address at both editions of the conference – first in Rotorua, New Zealand on November 14 and then in Melbourne, Australia on November 20.

Lim Geomatics creates ground-breaking digital tools that are at work in forests around the world. Dr. Lim will draw on over a decade of research and innovation experience to present on how 21st-century GIS technology empowers foresters to reimagine an entire industry.

“Geospatial technologies are transforming forestry, but they will never replace boots on the ground,” Dr. Lim says. “All these new tools, from UAVs to AI, are about faster access to better data so foresters can make the right call when it counts.”

ForestTECH is a leading forest management technology series that showcases the latest innovations and addresses how new research can be translated into tangible results. Researchers, technology firms and frontline forestry companies have cultivated close working relationships in Australasia. This seamless collaboration allows for the quick and efficient adoption of new techniques and tools. ForestTECH offers a unique opportunity to learn about recent advances in GIS technology, both from a research and an operational perspective.

The 2018 edition of the conference will delve into such topics as mobile communications in remote locations, leading-edge remote sensing research and new mapping and GIS applications.

To learn more about ForestTECH, visit:

July 5, 2018 - Lim Geomatics and Southern Forestry Consultants Join Forces in a Strategic Partnership

Calgary, Alberta (July 5, 2018) – Southern Forestry Consultants (SFC), a U.S. company with over three decades of forestry management experience in the southeastern U.S. meets the innovation engine of a top tier Canadian geomatics firm with an international portfolio. Southern Forestry Consultants and Lim Geomatics create a strategic partnership to kickstart the digital transformation of the forestry industry.

“We were aligned right off the bat,” says Dr. Kevin Lim, president and founder of Lim Geomatics. “They’re bringing the forestry expertise. We’re bringing the GIS, geomatics and IT technology.”

Southern Forestry stewards 500,000 acres of forest on behalf of mostly private landowners with properties that stretch across the southeastern U.S. The company integrates economic, recreation, wildlife management and environmental priorities into cohesive forest management systems. “We have been in business since 1987,” says Michael Dooner, founder and president of SFC. “In that 31 years, we have developed and implemented strategies that are in many ways now accepted as the appropriate ways of managing southeastern forests.”

The foresters, wildlife biologists and land managers at SFC have honed the company’s benchmark methodologies over countless hours in the field. This boots-on-the-ground know how will help inform the Lim Geomatics’ innovation engine. “They are the subject matter experts,” Lim says. “They’re going to allow us to ground the tech side within the pure forestry domain.”

Founded in 2006, Lim Geomatics already plays a pivotal role in how geospatial technologies are transforming the forestry sector. Lim published the original research on how remotely sensed LiDAR data can be used to create enhanced forest inventories. The firm also develops web-based and mobile applications that improve how companies collect and use geospatial data at each stage of forestry operations. “We feel very strongly that they are the leading North American geomatics firm in the natural resources field,” Dooner says. “The goal is to take Lim Geomatics’ ability to create the future and apply it to present-day forest management practices.”

The next wave of Lim innovation will incorporate the field experience of veteran foresters. SFC and Lim Geomatics are developing solutions and tools for foresters by foresters. Sophisticated geospatial technologies will integrate with silvicultural systems that have been refined over decades. “It’s something we’ve thought about for years,” Lim says. “We can’t get there without someone helping us to put the pieces together.”

This alliance was forged in response to a groundswell of demand from within the forestry industry for new and better ways of applying technology. Lim Geomatics and SFC have joined forces to kickstart nothing short of a paradigm shift. “We’re not just looking to create the next normal iteration of a digital solution,” Dooner says. “We’re looking to exponentially advance the use of technology in forest management.”

The cross-border partnership is an industry game changer. Lim Geomatics and SFC have the experience and the vision to pioneer next generation digital solutions that are firmly rooted in the complex practice of a rugged industry. The future of forestry begins at the intersection of innovative geospatial technology and decades of field experience under the canopy.

May 18, 2018 - Lim Geomatics Inc. heads to Helsinki for the Canadian Forestry Technology trade mission

May 18, 2018, Ottawa, ON – Lim Geomatics joins a select group of Canadian technology companies for a five-day trade mission to Finland that was organized to jump start collaborative research and development projects between Canadian and European companies working in the forestry technology sector.

“It is an honour to be one of the forestry technology companies that will represent Canada on this trade mission,” says Dr. Kevin Lim, President and CTO, Lim Geomatics. “We submitted an expression of interest to the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program and Global Affairs Canada and were very pleased to be selected as part of the group.”

The Canadian delegation will attend EUREKA Innovation Days in Helsinki, May 22 to 24. More than 1,000 leaders in business, technology and government will travel from 40 different countries to share ideas and innovations in smart technologies for the energy, transport, manufacturing and health sectors. Lim Geomatics will also take part in a one-day workshop on the forestry bioeconomy, where Canadian and Finnish companies will have the chance to present research and spark collaborations on future projects.

Finland and Canada share a commitment to bolster the forestry sector by encouraging the development and adoption of new technologies. Forests cover 80 per cent of Finland’s land area and the industry accounts for one fifth of the country’s export income, which is about EUR 11.5 billion. Also, the Finnish forestry sectory is the foundation of the nation’s bioeconomy, which has been identified as a key priority for long term investment and growth.

As one of Canada’s leading edge technology firms, Lim Geomatics regularly sends representatives on trade missions all over the world. These trips are integral for building an international network of clients and collaborative partnerships. Trade missions also provide new contexts for testing and refining the company’s innovative software tools and GIS solutions.

May 2, 2018 - Lim Geomatics hosts workshop on Smart Forestry at upcoming technology event in South Carolina

May 2, 2018, Ottawa, ON – Lim Geomatics Inc. will exhibit and present at the upcoming Forest Technology Workshop, which will be hosted by the Society of American Foresters (SAF) in Columbia, South Carolina.

More than 150 foresters will gather in Columbia over two days, May 8 to 9, to learn about and test out the latest equipment and advances in forest technology.

One of the sessions will explore the value of smart technologies for forestry applications. “My presentation focuses on how smart forestry is not something way out in the future – rather, it is in the here and now,” says Dr. Kevin Lim, President and Chief Technology Officer, Lim Geomatics.

Dr. Lim’s workshop will review how forest inventories can be generated using airborne LiDAR remotely sensed data and published to the cloud for use by web- and mobile-based GIS apps. The possibility of visualizing field plot, remote sensing and GIS data using Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality technology will also be showcased. Live demos will be used to convey key workshop topics and concepts.

The SAF was created in 1900 to ensure that foresters, as stewards of an invaluable natural resource, had access to the latest science and evidence-based best practices related to forest management. Lim Geomatics, a leading-edge technology company, has long been a member of this forward-thinking community of forestry professionals. The firm will also exhibit its latest software and solutions for the forestry industry at the SAF’s national convention, which will take place over five days in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of October.

Learn more about the SAF Technology Workshop:

April 10, 2018 - Lim Geomatics Inc. goes west with a new office in Calgary

April 10, 2018, Calgary, AB – As part of the company’s 12‐year evolution and strategic growth plan, Lim Geomatics Inc. is heading west to Calgary, Alberta.

“We have been doing business in Alberta and British Columbia for a number of years, with some of our key clients in the area,” says Dr. Kevin Lim, President and CTO, Lim Geomatics. “The decision to open a physical presence in Western Canada makes absolute sense with our growth plan.”

Lim Geomatics works on projects and with clients across the two provinces in the agriculture, forestry and oil and gas industries. With this expansion, the technology firm will create a software development group based in Calgary that will work in tandem with the rest of the team at the company’s head office in Ottawa, Ontario.

“This is a very exciting time for us,” says Dr. Lim. “We are looking forward to continue working with our current clients and bringing on additional projects in new business verticals.”

Alberta and British Columbia share a rich history of responsible resource development, whether that’s in farming, forestry or oil and gas extraction. Lim Geomatics has unrivalled experience and expertise in creating decision‐support tools for the natural resources sector. The firm has developed a suite of sought‐after web, mobile and desktop applications that introduce powerful geospatial capability into every stage of forestry operations, from strategic planning to harvesting to hauling wood to the mill.

Lim Geomatics is also a trusted advisor and ally for companies working in diverse fields and anticipates tapping into the inherent entrepreneurial spirit of Canada’s western provinces. With this new office in Calgary, Lim Geomatics looks forward to fostering new relationships with organizations curious about the transformative potential of geospatial technology.

Founded in 2006, Lim Geomatics is an industry-leading GIS software development company. With offices in Calgary and Ottawa, Canada, we specialize in building web and mobile applications powered by the ArcGIS mapping platform.

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