Lim Geomatics founder and president, Dr. Kevin Lim, will deliver ForestTECH keynote this fall in New Zealand and Australia


Ottawa, Ontario (August 2, 2018) – Foresters from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa meet this November for the 2018 edition of ForestTECH. Dr. Kevin Lim, President and Chief Technology Officer of Lim Geomatics, will deliver the opening keynote address at both editions of the conference—first in Rotorua, New Zealand on November 14 and then in Melbourne, Australia on November 20.

Lim Geomatics creates ground-breaking digital tools that are at work in forests around the world. Dr. Lim will draw on over a decade of research and innovation experience to present on how 21st-century GIS technology empowers foresters to reimagine an entire industry.

“Geospatial technologies are transforming forestry, but they will never replace boots on the ground,” Dr. Lim says. “All these new tools, from UAVs to AI, are about faster access to better data so foresters can make the right call when it counts.”

ForestTECH is a leading forest management technology series that showcases the latest innovations and addresses how new research can be translated into tangible results. Researchers, technology firms and frontline forestry companies have cultivated close working relationships in Australasia. This seamless collaboration allows for the quick and efficient adoption of new techniques and tools. ForestTECH offers a unique opportunity to learn about recent advances in GIS technology, both from a research and an operational perspective.

The 2018 edition of the conference will delve into such topics as mobile communications in remote locations, leading-edge remote sensing research and new mapping and GIS applications.

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