Wherever you go, your forest goes too.

AFRIDS™ is a web-based forest inventory management system that provides foresters with the tools that they need to manage their forests and plan their harvesting operations on a day-to-day basis. Designed to run on any device and platform, AFRIDS™ is built on top of the ArcGIS platform.

Engineered for performance, coupled with its sleek design and sophisticated analytical tools, AFRIDS™ lets you take your “forest in your pocket” to ensure that the right wood gets to the right mill, at the right time. From on-the-fly volume block calculations to road design and automatic watershed delineation, AFRIDS™ has you covered.



How AFRIDS™ benefits you

AFRIDS™ helps your forest company leverage and maximize its investments in geospatial data by using industry-leading web, mobile, GIS, and cloud technology. Since AFRIDS™ was developed with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles in mind, it seamlessly integrates with other enterprise systems in a safe and secure fashion.

Access Anywhere

When we say you can take your forest with you, we mean it – literally. AFRIDS™ is designed to run on any device (laptop, smartphone or tablet) and platform (iOS, Android and Windows). Simply connect to the Internet and you’re able to get the information you need, on demand and at your fingertips, while in the office, the bush or field, or out for dinner.

Clear and Accurate

Accuracy is top of mind and from a processing point of view, once you know what’s going on in your forest and in the mills, you’re able to proceed with better planning. With AFRIDS™, you’re able to get clearer estimates – up to 95% accuracy, giving you more volume.

Game Changing

In addition to the tool itself, there are various extensions available for AFRIDS™. Whether you need a Road Analyst extension that allows users to model travel time, distance and costs for getting wood to various mills or destinations, or a Water Crossing extension that automates watershed delineation, culvert design and report generation, we are regularly adding extensions to meet specific business and user requirements. In fact, work flows can be automated for completion in minutes instead of hours or days.


AFRIDS™ is lightning fast and powered by proprietary Lim Geomatics web component technology integrated with the ArcGIS platform. Users are always amazed when they are able to display two million hectares worth of imagery or a 1 m DEM all at once and instantaneously drill down to larger scales. With AFRIDS™, you can go in, see your forest, and interrogate the data to get the information you need.

AGOL and ArcGIS Enterprise compatible

Either you bring the necessary ESRI licencing (e.g., ArcGIS Online and/or ArcGIS Server) to us or we’ll provide it to you through our ESRI approved commercial ASP licence. You choose if you’d like to leverage Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure for your cloud infrastructure and we’ll take care of the rest.

Who is Using AFRIDS™





Here’s some of things you can do with AFRIDS™:

• Get accurate results with 95% accuracy

• Create your own polygons in the app

• See your forest from anywhere – and interrogate the data you need on the fly

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